TP5 pix 2.0 Ball - Sleeve

TP5 pix 2.0 Ball - Sleeve

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The TP5 Pix is here. Co-designed by Rickie Fowler, it has been designed to make it easier to line up on the greens, and also be more visible on the course. It has unique graphics that have been aligned on the ball in a way that makes keeping the ball on target easier, thanks to its clear path alignment. The new design gives you a line that is distinct so you can start your putt on the line you want.

The new version of the TP5 have been designed to add more speed and more distance to your game, without sacrificing spin and control. The new ball has been designed with a better rebound effect, propelling it off the clubface at higher speeds. A 5 piece structure is what allows TaylorMade to add this extra distance without lowering the spin numbers, which is something that has affected many of the best golf balls. The Tri-Fast Core gives a blistering, penetrating flight with low air resistance that keeps the ball in the air for longer.

The cover is very soft, cast urethane which gives the ball a great feel off the face and top level durability so the ball lasts longer on the course. The speed layer system that TM have developed is made from 4 layers that increase in stiffness which is again what adds to the speed of the ball. On top of the yardage bonus, this helps you get more control when hitting shots and also more control in the wind. The system is also designed to achieve that high level spin around the greens that is helpful to every golfer’s game.

  • Co-Designed by Rickie Fowler
  • Better Visibility and Alignment
  • Exceptional Distance and Spin
  • Tri-Fast Core
  • Durable Cover